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Meet the Staff: Villa De Anza Chef, Bill

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Chef Bill at Villa De Anza

Introducing Bill, the passionate chef with 25 years of experience in creating authentic and nutritious meals that are both delicious and balanced. Bill is a vital part of our team at Villa De Anza, a renowned senior living community located in Riverside, California.

At Villa De Anza, Bill’s favorite dish to make is his homemade spaghetti, which he prepares from scratch using ground beef, a little bit of sausage, and his special, thick and hearty homemade sauce. Bill is known for his slow cooking style and attention to detail, ensuring that every meal is nutritious and caters to special diets whenever possible.

Bill’s culinary expertise doesn’t stop at spaghetti; he’s also famous for his mouth-watering cheesecake, which he creates with the same passion and attention to detail as his spaghetti.

When Bill isn’t busy in the kitchen, he loves spending his time working on cars, but his real passion lies in creating delicious, authentic meals for our residents at Villa De Anza.

If you’re looking for a chef who puts his heart and soul into every meal and cares about the nutritional needs of his patrons, look no further than Bill at Villa De Anza!

Written by Villa De Anza

Villa De Anza offers assisted living services for your loved ones. We aim to provide a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment that feels like being at home. Our enthusiastic team provides top-notch care, and our warm and welcoming campus has amenities that offer comfort, safety, and fun.
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