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When Is It Time for Assisted Living?

A female assisted living employee discusses options for an older couple

Having trouble with daily living, declining mental health or physical condition, poor hygiene and diet, or financial problems are all signs that it may be time for a move to assisted living. Even with obvious signs, this can be a complicated conversation to have with your loved one. Not all seniors are receptive to needing […]

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How Respite Care Benefits Seniors

A Man in a blue shirt from Respite Care is serving a meal to his patient

Caring for an aging loved one is meaningful, rewarding, and honorable work. But, it can sometimes be exhausting and overwhelming, especially if you have other responsibilities, like a job, a home, a spouse, or children. Acting as the primary caregiver usually begins with minor tasks but can quickly escalate into a full-time commitment. Long-term caregivers […]

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When to Move From Independent Living to Assisted Living

A nurse holding an elderly patients hands in hers

The independent lifestyle may offer many older adults freedom and allow for more control over one’s environment. While independent living has many benefits, what happens when your health and physical ability starts to decline? Assisted living can help you maintain as much independence as possible and ensure you get specialized care and services to meet […]

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